The Savages by Matt Whyman

The Savages by Matt Whyman is a story about an unordinary family. If you think your family is strange then this book would take the cake. To most, the Savage family looks like any other. There is the typical mom, dad, 3 kids, and a grandpa living in an older house. Told through many perspectives, the secret that is hidden behind the doors slowly begin to reveal through the characters. It all starts with a model, a detective, and a boy that change the lives of the family. This book contains mystery and a little suspense while keeping the reader intrigued throughout the whole book. I give this 4 stars because I definitely recommend the book. It was easy to read, and I could not put it down. I liked how the author did not fully describe the Savages’ secret, but whoever reads the words knows what is going on. This is unique to any book I have read, and I rather enjoyed it. I say that this is a definite read for every book lover.

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The Savages by Matt Whyman
The Savages by Matt Whyman

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