Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

Looking for a story filled with zombies and petticoats? Something Strange and Deadly follows a young girl through the search of her mysterious brother. On the way, she meets with some strange people who just may be able to help her. But, stuck between them and her mother, she has to discover which could be more important. Full of mystery, zombies, and spirits, this work of historical fiction was an enchanting read. I give this book 3 stars. I liked the characters, and the plot was surprising at times. It was a very interesting story that catches your attention in the first few pages. It was one of those reads that was entertaining, but I probably would not read over again. I do however look forward to the sequel, A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

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If you would also like to read more about the book, click below:

Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard


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