Bookish Mondays (#3)


I was walking through my favorite local bookstore, Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois, when I came upon a fun, little bookish item that I have been excited to find.  I was going through a bunch of BookTube videos, and I don’t remember whose video it was, but I saw these cute bookplates being shown as a feature in the video.  I immediately wanted them for my collection, but there weren’t any links or further descriptions on what the actual product was, so I could not try to look for them successfully.  BUT, when I was walking through Anderson’s I could not believe what I saw… the bookplates! Not only did they have the exact one that was in the video, but there were also a couple other ones with some fun designs on them as well. I just had to have them!


These are the two sets that I had bought while I was there.  One has a forest animal style, while the other one displayed a bookish/nature/school-type feel to it. Each set comes with 8 different styles of bookplate labels with 10 labels of each kind in a pad that folds out for easy access.  They are perfect for any book-lover’s library! All you have to do is peel and stick it to the inside cover and write your name on the line however you want.  Now everyone will know that it is your book!  The designs are super fun, and will help to personalize your collection. And they only cost $5.99 (US) each. Who can’t say no to that?? 🙂


I found links to both of these cute bookplate labels for ya’ll!:

Forest animals:

Bookish items:

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