Bookish Mondays (#4)


Ready for the Last Monday of April?!? Because I definitely am!

20150426_082657This week’s bookish item is for those who are fellow night owls.  One of the most important things that one shall need (other than an awesome book) is of course a booklight!  For all of those late night book sessions when you are up ’til 2 o’clock in the morning trying to finish the last few pages, but you do not want a giant light shining over your face, this is essential.  My absolute go-to for booklights is the trusty Mighty Bright Xtraflex LED Booklight (shown).  I have been using this booklight for many years.  They work so well that I have three different colors!  I have a pink one in my room, a white one in my dorm room, and a blue one in my travel bag.  One aspect of this bookish item is that the batteries last a very long time.  I can go months without having to replace them (and I use them a lot).  Throughout all of the years, I have not had to replace any of the lightbulbs either.  The long flexible head is great to position the light between the pages of a small or large-sized books.  No need to worry about readjusting!  The clip that attaches the booklight to the book is large enough to stay in place on any sized book.  If you have people around you who do not want to have a light on, they do not have to worry as the light only faces down on the page.

The Mighty Bright Xtraflex 2 LED Booklight has an option of using one or two of the bright LED lights with a tap of the button.  The Mighty Bright Xtraflex LED Booklight’s power button has only one lighting option with a sliding feature.  This can help during travel as you do not have to worry about the push 20150426_082713button being accidently turned on.  You can buy either of these styles in many colors such as pink, orange, green, blue, purple, silver, black, and white.  From what I have experienced, different vendors are stocked with different colors. The first Xtraflex costs $10.95 while the Xtraflex 2 costs $14.95!  Both of them are amazing booklights that are dependable, lightweight, sturdy, and durable. So if you are looking for a life-long, night owl light, go get the Mighty Bright Xtraflex!!

You can click the link below to go to Barnes & to purchase one now!:

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Thanks for reading and Happy April!


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