Bookish Mondays #10


This week’s Bookish Monday is one for the travelers 🙂

Since it is summer, a lot of you will be going on vacations or just traveling in general.  It is nice out so why not??

Other than in the summer, I am always moving from one place to another.  Whether it is my bi-weekly 2 hour train ride trips to and from school or visiting friends’ houses, or vacations, I am on the move.  So I thought to myself, why not make a post about all the things I take with me.  Living the blogger life, I constantly have my bookish essentials with me.

This may be a what’s-in-my bag sort of thing, but this is what I take with me when I travel out of town:


First things first.  I always have a book!  You never know when and where you will be stuck with nothing to do.  Can’t be a book blogger without at LEAST one book handy.  Depending on how long the trip is or what I just happen to be reading that day, I will have either a physical or eBook with me.  If I plan on going on vacation, such as this moment I am in Nashville, TN :), I will bring along my Nook Glowlight packed full of the books that I am sent for review.  Long trips help me to power read through many of the TBR books that I have been needing to get my hands on.  Otherwise, I mostly stick to physical copies.

..and if I have my eReader with me, I will definitely need the charger.  Cause that would just suck to be in the middle of an awesome book and then blackout…

The next essential item that I need is a small travel-sized notebook and pen that I can use to jot down all of my bookish notes while I am reading.  This helps me to have more accurate content for my blog posts so I don’t forget to leave something important out.  I have been using this cute owl notebook that I got from my mom at Christmas.  Each of the small pages are perforated so I can easily tear them out and tape them into my official blog journal.

For when I am carrying a physical book along, I always have some sort of booklight with me.  This one is super thin and can just slip into a pocket without creating the bulk.

If you are like me, I sometimes listen to music if I am in a loud area.  I get very distracted easily so this is an essential item for me to really focus on my reading.  Train rides are always annoyingly loud.  My iPod also helps me to relax as well if I listen to lyric-less songs.  You can read more about this in my Bookish Monday’s #6 post.

So all-in-all these are the absolute essentials that I need when I take my reading on the road. What other things do you guys need to have on your trips?  Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I will see you all on Wednesday for an upcoming release!  You can follow me by subscribing through the link below.  You will receive up-to-date news every time I make a post straight to your email.  You can also follow me on my adventures on Instagram @treestandbookreviews!

Happy Reading!

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