Bookish Monday (#13)


Welcome back!  I hope you guys enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend!

For this week’s post, I would like to bring the blog to you.  Treestand Book Reviews is almost 9 months old, and I would like to know what your thoughts are on the kinds of content that is featured.  I really want to be able to bring the best bookish ideas right to your screen every single day, and the best way for me to do that is to know what the good and the bad are.  Here are just a few questions that can help trigger a few helpful tips:

  1. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
  2. What kind of posts would you like to see featured whether it is daily, weekly, or a one-time post?
  3. Do you want to see a particular book review / author review?
  4. What would you like to see more / less of?
  5. What types of social media do you visit the most and would like to see Treestand Book Reviews be a part of?
  6. Would you like to see tips for blogging, reading, or reviewing?
  7. Would you be interested in some sort of giveaways?

Whatever you have on your mind let me know.  You can contact me by using the comments below, or if you would like to email me privately, feel free to send me an email at  I will be taking every suggestion to heart in future blog-brainstorming sessions.  I want to make this site enjoyable for you as a fellow reader and book lover, so I would be grateful for your all the help!

With lots of thanks,