True Calling by Siobhan Davis

True Calling by Siobhan Davis is a young adult dystopian about a world built off of the idea of Earth.  Devices When Earth begins to deteriorate, authorities build a new life on Novo.  This new planet 1,200 miles away would be the setting of the new human race where only a highly selected group of people could become citizens.  A person would have to be of high importance, intelligence, and fertility to be some of the few selected to vacate the dying Earth below.

Ari and her family are part of the lucky few thanks to her father being highly ranked in the military.  But are they as lucky as they hoped?  When Ari begins to dream of a mysterious boy, pieces of the Novo puzzle slowly lock together.  Being tightly bound by the government’s rules, a new pageant named “The Calling” forces her to do the last thing she ever thought she would do at only 17 years old : get married.  Is this event really essential to save the human population…

But when tragic events unfold, Ari is left on her own.  She now has to take care of her siblings while being heavily watched by the government who is very suspicious of her.  Who can she trust?  Can she trust the one she is falling for?  And who is this boy from her dreams?

I found myself really enjoying this book.  Even when I read the first page, I was immediately into Ari’s world.  The writing style is an easy flow which is great for any book.  I did not find myself having to reread any paragraphs for content that I may have missed.  Also, the characters were enjoyable in an of themselves.  I had the characters I was suspicious of and those that I cheered for.  The development of both the characters and plot made me want to keep going.  I did end up reading this over a few weeks due to a busy schedule, but I can truly say that I could always pick back up from where I started.  I felt each detail was clearly in my head which I can attribute to the writing style.

You will also find that the book is set in two point-of-views which I also enjoyed.  I got to see the perspective of Ari and the life of Novo while also seeing the mystery boy and his life back on Earth.  With the two perspectives, you see a supernatural kind of feel to the storyline.  This also kept me wanting to continue on.  There is a dystopian / romance / sci-fi feel to different parts of the plot which I found to add a spark.

I give True Calling 4 out of 5 stars.  The quality of writing was very good; the pace and plot development drew me in until the last page; the characters were fun and unique; and the ending made me want to pick the second book, Beyond Reach, up into my hands.  Overall it is a great book that I hope the next two books in the series are just as satisfying.  This book is full of hard decisions, rebels, and love. I will say that if you are a fan of the Hunger Games, then this is a great, unique book to pick up next!

More Book Information:

Published : 1 August 2014

Publisher : Siobhan Davis

Genre : Young Adult Dystopian / Romance / Science Fiction

Pages : 400

How I Read It : eBook sent by author in exchange for honest

True Calling is the first book in a triology along with two companion novellas.

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** Disclaimer : All content of this post is my opinion only.  I was not asked to say any of these things.  The author did contact me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I do not take that into consideration when reviewing a book**

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