August 2015 Monthly Reads

It’s already August!

If you love fantasy, you will want to check this month’s monthly reads list for your next book.

Book Pictures6

legacy of kingsLegacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

-Young Adult Historical Fantasy

-Released : 18 August 2015

-384 pages

-This book is the first in a new series called the Blood of Gods and Royals which is a historical fantasy set in the time of Alexander the Great.  What makes this book even more interesting is that the author is a historian herself, so you know the book will be full of accurate descriptions with a hint of young adult flair.

the creeping

The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy

– Young Adult Mystery / Thriller

– Released : 18 August 2015

– 400 pages

-This book is a story of two girls who go missing while picking strawberries.  One is found minutes later with no memory.  Years later a corpse is found which may just bring the memories back..

deep blue

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

– Young Adult Fantasy

– Released : 6 May 2014

– 324 pages

– This is the first in the Waterfire Saga that includes mermaids, royalty, and assassins.  Serefina is to become ruler someday until an unexpected event threatens to shatter the realm.

the rules

The Rules by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

– Young Adult Thriller

– Released : 23 June 2015

– 304 pages

– Love unreliable narrators? Robin goes to a high school party and finds herself in the middle of a scavenger hunt where the only way to survive is by following the rules.

falling kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

– Young Adult Fantasy

– Released : 11 December 2012

– 412 pages

– Rebels are rising in the world where three kingdoms fight for power.  This book is full of love, murder, betrayals, and alliances.

This completes the picks for August! You will find reviews for these books in the upcoming months so stay tuned for those!

Happy Reading,


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