TBR Wednesdays : Catacomb (Asylum #3) by Madeleine Roux

Calling all Miss Peregrine fans! Looking for a new spooky read?

catacombCatacomb by Madeleine Roux is the third installment in the Asylum series.

In the first book, Asylum, we follow sixteen-year-old Dan who enrolls in a college prep summer program in New Hampshire.  Upon arriving on campus, he is thrown into the realization that his dorm used to be home to the criminally insane. With the hope of finding friends, he is thrown into the creepy, hidden secrets of the asylum.  Little does he know that he is throwing himself into the terrifying world of the insane…

What I really loved about this series is that the creepy nature of the story is accompanied by even more terrifying, old photos that when combined bring a whole new reading experience.  The history of the asylum unfolds, and we get to visualize what Dan and his friends are submitted to.

I read Asylum when it first came out and really enjoyed it!  I plan on reading it again and writing a review along with books two, Sanctum, and three, Catacomb along with the novellas.  One thing I will say is that this is definitely not a book you want to read alone in the dark.

More Book Information for Catacomb:

Published : 1 September 2015

Publisher : HarperTeen

Genre : Young Adult Horror / Thriller

Pages : 310

Stay tuned for full reviews of each of the books in Madeleine’s chilling series!  If you are looking for a bind-up of the Asylum Novellas they are set to release on 2 February 2016!

Happy Reading,


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