The Body Institute by Carol Riggs

What would you do if the government fined you for being overweight? 

the body instituteIn this young adult dystopia, we follow Morgan who is a successful Reducer.  Through a new government-regulated health program, citizens are being forced to maintain a healthy body.  You can’t exceed a set amount of weight nor can you keep the weight on for long.. that is unless you want to pay excessive fines.  To help with the issue, people can join The Body Institute where their body becomes taken over by a Reducer to shed the weight for them.  But for Morgan, protesters are starting to become violent, and she begins to question the program that she endorses so much.

As she is her new Loaner’s body, Morgan begins to question the program she has been endorsing so much when memories from her host’s body begin to creep into her own mind.  Anti-Institute protesters are beginning to become violent, and her boss is growing suspicious.  Is being a Reducer worth the risk?

The content of this book is what really got me to request the story.  As fictional readers, we don’t see too man books that largely focus on the idea of weight and especially weight-regulation.  Not only did this book touch on that topic, but it also had aspects of bullying and the mental issues that come with that.  I will say though that this book has more of a political side to it as the main character struggles with the idea of the background on the program, and what it calls for her to have to go through.  We also get to see the issues of what can happen when a person’s “brainmap” is placed into a new body and the struggle of whether or not this is really a person or just a man-made thing (you will have to read the book to find out).  I really enjoyed the unique content of this book.

Not only is there a political side, but for those who love a little romance, this book is a great option to pick up.  When I first began to read this book for review, I forgot what the synopsis was.  I was so engrossed in what was going on and the issues Morgan had to face in her Loaner’s body that I didn’t even think that a boy was going to be involved until it happened. There is a perfect amount of romance that brings a calmer feel to the story.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.  The different perspectives Morgan sees between her own mind and the mind of her Loaner’s allows her to develop as a character which I really enjoyed.  The plot-line made me a little frustrated due to the fact that they would force fines on people just for being a little over weight which in turn made people stress over nothing, but at the same times it brings light into the different mental perspectives of the people who are directly affected by this.  Overall, this is a great book with a great plot that I think everyone should read.

More Book Information:

Published : 1 September 2015

Publisher : Entangled Teen

Genre : Young Adult Dystopian / Science Fiction

Pages : 368

How I Read It : eBook from the publisher

**Disclaimer :  I requested this book from the publisher in turn for an honest review.  I was not influenced to say any of these things.  They are strictly my opinion.**

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