Bout of Books 15.0 has Begun!

Who’s ready for a perfect excuse to read? (Not that you really needed an excuse 🙂 )

BoB15-200x200Bout of Books 15.0 is finally here, so it is time to grab any book, your warmest pjs, and find a comfy spot to begin the adventure!  It is after 12am here in Chicago time, so I will keep this post short and simple in order to dive deeper into my book tonight!

Currently Reading: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

As I have stated in my earlier post, I will be once again going into this read-a-thon with an open-ended goal of at least one book… but hopefully ALOT more!  I will be pushing myself to read every second I have free, so stay tuned for my daily update posts as the week progresses.

Don’t know what Bout of Books 15.0 is??  –> Click here to teleport to last week’s post for more information!

What are your goals for this week’s read-a-thon?  Let me know in the comments below and help spread the word of this amazing read-a-thon! It is simple, and EVERYONE can do it as long as they have something to read whether it is a book, magazine, poems, short stories… the possibilities are endless!

Have a great week of reading! I’ll see y’all tomorrow with my Update Post for Day 1 (Monday)! 🙂

Happy reading,


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