Bout of Books 16 Wrap-Up!

Sadly, the read-a-thon is over *insert lots of sad faces,* but I have ALOT of reading planned over the next few months! With my first real lazy day tomorrow, I hope to get to sit in my comfy clothes with a nice warm cup of coffee and read in the recliner ALL day…

But anyways..


Here is my progress on the Final Day of Bout of Books 16 read-a-thon:

Started: Link by Summer Wier, pages 1 – 50

..for a total of 50 pages read!

With this added onto the week, I read a GRAND TOTAL of 285 pages!

I wasn’t able to get as much reading as I had hoped. Especially after my long days at BEA (BookExpo America), I would always intend to sit down and read for hours, but the next thing I knew, I would be passed out. *shrug* Oh well.. but any reading is an accomplishment for these read-a-thons, and I’m proud of what I accomplished 🙂

I will say that I did anticipate this happening and I set my goal to be pretty reasonable for this week.  I ended up reaching my goal of completing one book and at least beginning another.

My Goal at a Glance:

Finished: Saven Disclosure (Saven #2) by Siobhan Davis

Started: Link by Summer Wier

What did y’all accomplish during this read-a-thon??

Want to participate next time? I cannot wait for the next Bout of Books 17 set for August 22 – August 28 of this year.

I just wanted to thank y’all for following me on this week’s journey 🙂 Stay tuned for my BEA 2016 experience! I hope to have the post up sometime this week, so subscribe below for instant access to the post straight from your inbox!

Congrats if you read this week!!

Happy Reading everyone,


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