Watch Me Burn (The December People #2) by Sharon Bayliss


From Sharon Bayliss comes the sequel to her dark urban fantasy series The December People.

Watch Me Burn (The December People #2) by Sharon Bayliss is a part of a young adult series where dark things happen to those who practice magic..

watch me burnSynopsis:

David Vandergraff lost his home, his job, and contact with his oldest son, but remains determined to be a good husband and father despite being a dark winter wizard.

His resolve is tested when a flyer for a missing girl–who happens to be a summer witch–begins to haunt him. David believes a spell needs to use him to save her, so he follows the magic’s command and looks into her disappearance. His teenage daughter Emmy resents him for caring so much about a random stranger. But when she uncovers some disturbing evidence close to home, she begins an investigation of her own.

David and Emmy quickly learn that the mystery is not only about a missing girl they barely know, but a deeply personal story that impacts everyone they care about. As their world crumbles, they fear the warning may be true—never mess with summer wizards, because the good guys always win.“

My Review:

As with Book 1, Destruction, Watch Me Burn continues with the dark writing style. The pace was a little slower than the first book, but it wasn’t so slow that you felt bored. The world continues a little while following the ending of Destruction, and with that, we continue with a new set of events that pull the characters into further development with each other.

There is a continuation with the trigger warning I discussed in Book 1’s review. The characters discuss the rape, but it isn’t something new to the storyline.

I fell like there wasn’t as much darkness. With their newly found magic, we get to see more experiments and events that show the winter in them. They begin to branch out and new characters emerge to bring ALOT of suspense and thrills.

The climax at the end was also pushed a little too fast. As soon as the fight gets going, it just ends. I’m not sure if that was something the author wanted to play on later in the series or if it just wasn’t as important as we would think it would be to the story. Either way, it definitely put me in a “whaaat” kind-of moment.

Overall, I enjoyed diving right into this book immediately after Destruction. When I put the two books side by side, this book contained a few more dull moments, but the ending had me in suspense. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. I haven’t read very many books that used as much darkness throughout the story and writing as much as this series has, but I really found myself enjoying it.

The characters dive more into the two seasonal versions of their power, and they struggle to stay on the right side. ALOT of accidents take place. Every few chapters someone was in the hospital due to some crazy stunt.

The series as a whole flows nicely together so far, and the character development continues to progress. It’ll be fun to see what is in store for Book 3.

More Book Information:

Published: 5 January 2015

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Pages: 218

How I Read It: eBook from Publisher

**Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest review. All of my reviews are my opinion ONLY.**

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