A Taste of Death and Honey (The December People #3) by Sharon Bayliss


Here is Book 3 in The December People series.

A Taste of Death and Honey (The December People #3) by Sharon Bayliss is a dark young adult urban fantasy series full of magic and darkness.

a tasteSynopsis:

When Samantha’s parents died, she lost everything. Her home. Her friends. Her hope. Then a life-loving spring witch at the children’s shelter fills her life with light and joy once again.

But like the springtime, Samantha’s happiness doesn’t last forever. Her friend dies violently in front of her, the victim of a mysterious killing spell. Furious and grief-stricken, Samantha resents her own weak spring magic. She doesn’t need life and renewal. She wants revenge…and death.

Homeless and alone, Samantha seeks shelter with her old friends, the Vandergraff family, and finds an unexpected ally in the powerful winter solstice witch, Evangeline. The girls’ anger and eagerness lead them to cast a killing spell before knowing the truth behind Samantha’s friend’s death or the identity of her killer.

Once the spell is cast, they can’t take it back, and they must fight to stop their own curse before it takes away everyone they love.”

My Review:

This series has been great so far. Just like Destruction (#1) and Watch Me Burn (#2), A Taste of Death and Honey captures you through the dark writing that just pulls you into the story.

The characters continue to keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense. There are so many moments that are so crazy that you don’t even believe what you’re reading. This book will take you for a thrill ride that ends with an resolution you are never ready for.

The plot continues with one of the minor characters who brings in another side that we have been exposed to in little pieces in the pervious books. I really loved the direction that we are pulled through that sets a whole new ballgame for the fourth (and final) book of the series.

We continue to become adapted to the dark world of the winter wizards, but this time, we are exposed to the other sides of the spectrum which creates tension between the family members. There is more action and more gore especially towards the end, so be ready for that. The first chapter alone will make your jaw drop in awe with what happens.

But OMG. The ending leaves you heartbroken and just with a feeling of utter disbelief. We have a pretty clear picture of what could happen, but it isn’t until it follows through that it really hits us.

I give this book a very high 4 out of 5 star rating. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is that the mid-beginning is just a teeny bit slow. But you will be captivated by this series. Since the final book doesn’t release until next year, I think I can say, for now, that this series is definitely recommended by me. Even though it is a pretty heavy series, I rather enjoyed myself and was left entirely captivated.

I can’t wait until Book 4 is finished! At first, I thought that this was a trilogy with how satisfactory the ending was, but after reading the author notes, we discover that with four seasons comes four books..

More Book Information:

Published: 9 June 2016

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Pages: 315

How I Read It: eBook from Publisher

**Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Nothing in my posts are influenced in any way. It is my opinion ONLY.**

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