Bookish Monday: 15 ‘Once Upon A Time’ Inspired Tattoos


Do you love fairy tales? Looking for new tattoo inspiration?

…then you’re in the right place!

Who here has seen Once Upon a Time?? MEE!!!

I was a little late into this show since the first time I even watched it was early June 2016.

Oh the power of Netflix..

Since then, my mom and I have obsessively watched almost daily to try to catch up on the new season that will be airing VERY SOON! *anticipation climbing*

So in the spirit of Season 6, here is 15 inspirational fairy tale tattoos to help show off your favorite fairy tale stories growing up.

Each tattoo’s story was featured sometime during OUAT (Once Upon A Time) Season 1!

I hope you enjoy!

Snow White


Red Riding Hood

The Evil Queen

Beauty and the Beast


*Disclaimer: ALL pictures are taken off of Pinterest.*

I hope this inspires you to get into the fairy tale spirit with these awesome bookish tattoos! Let me know below which is your favorite story / tattoo 🙂
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Happy Reading,


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