Tis the Season : 10 Reasons to Buy Books for Christmas


It is officially the Christmas season! *yay* This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year between the snow, the Christmas music, and the holiday cheer. And between all of it comes the inevitable, “What do I get                   for Christmas?” It seems like we never know just what to gift someone when the time comes around for the delightful shopping. Which is why I am here to help! 🙂

So forget all of the stress in the decision making process, and let me bring the shopping list for you!

img_4918Every day from December 1st to the 24th, I will be counting down the days of Christmas with either my favorite series, anticipated reads, or auto-buy authors that I guarantee will put a smile on your fellow book lover’s face.

All of the choices span across the YA genre BUT readers of all ages will love diving into the stories. So forget the idea of just gifting them a gift card and wrap up a bunch of books to place under the tree. Because we all know tearing open a present is ALOT more fun! (*and seeing the reactions on their faces is PRICELESS*)

If you’re already reading this post, you may already know the awesomeness of receiving a book for Christmas, but for those of you who are questioning this gift idea, here are a few reasons why buying books are WAYY better than just a plain ol’ gift card.


  1. Bookstore Browsing : The joy of picking out a book at your local bookstore. The smells and feels of finding a great book!
  2. Online Ordering : Convenience for those who may live a ways away from a bookseller. *each post will be linked to Barnes & Noble (#1 choice for great prices) and Amazon (for the Primers 🙂 ) for your convenience. And NO, this is not a sponsored post in any way. This is only for your convenience purposes and quick access to getting the books to your doorstep faster. ‘Cause we all know you wanna buy it!
  3. Gift Wrapping : Brings the element of surprise to the Giftee. (And it looks AMAZING lying under your Christmas tree)
  4. Gift Giving : The look on their face when they finally see what book you got them. 🙂
  5. The Stories are AMAZING : Reading is my all time favorite hobby that helps me to de-stress from a long day’s work.
  6. Shelfies : Physical books look way better on Bookstagram than a gift card. ANASTHETICS 101!
  7. Bookworm : Introduce the love of READING!
  8. Find a New Favorite : You’ll love listening to them talk non-stop about the book YOU bought them.
  9. A Gift for Anyone : Almost everyone can read or be read to.

Books are amazing gifts to give. They bring an end to a busy day, help to get away from it all, or just keep you company whenever you need it. Even though these books may not be within the taste of every single person, book buying can range from picture books to chapter books to memoirs. There is an endless list of MILLIONS of books to choose from. There literally is a book out there for everyone!

So for the next few weeks, stay tuned each day for great selections of books that I personally recommend for anyone. Your gift receivers do not need to be full-blown, constant book in their hands, readers for you to surprise them with a book for Christmas. This could be the first book they’ve ever opened and I’m sure they will enjoy these reads.

Comment below with the books you’d love to get this Christmas season! Subscribe to my blog below to receive links to each of my posts by email as soon as they are released to the world!

Happy Readingimg_4980

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