The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics


The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics is a paranormal YA mystery.


the women int eh wallsLucy Acosta’s mother died when she was three. Growing up in a Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods with her cold, distant father, she explored the dark hallways of the estate with her cousin, Margaret. They’re inseparable—a family.

When her aunt Penelope, the only mother she’s ever known, tragically disappears while walking in the woods surrounding their estate, Lucy finds herself devastated and alone. Margaret has been spending a lot of time in the attic. She claims she can hear her dead mother’s voice whispering from the walls. Emotionally shut out by her father, Lucy watches helplessly as her cousin’s sanity slowly unravels. But when she begins hearing voices herself, Lucy finds herself confronting an ancient and deadly legacy that has marked the women in her family for generations.”

My Review:

This book is the perfect creepy tale full of possessed loved ones, strange voices, and a surprising ending. The story starts off with the normal household that just has that sense of the needing to watch your back. I wouldn’t say that the story is the typical plotline. There are a lot of bombs throughout the plot that gave me the what just happened moment.

I’m a huge fan of how the author wrote all of the creepy situations with the hint of a graphic touch. Especially towards the end of the book… WHOA. It was like a tiger was let loose in a meat cave! So much happened that was completely different from the first part of the storyline.

I wasn’t too satisfied with the ending. I WANT MORE! Down to the last page, I was like “That’s it??” in a cliffhanger sort of way. But then I got to thinking, what good paranormal story ended with a happy ending?

Between the fun writing and the horrifying characters, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. About 3/4 of the way through it begins to become graphic which transitioned very well. It was fun to see all of the turn of events.

Overall, this was a great read that I think would be great for the Halloween / Fall season.  And P.S., if you hear voices in your walls, you may not be crazy 🙂

More Book Information:



Genre: Young Adult Paranormal


How I Read It: BEA 2016 ARC

**Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher while attending BEA 2016. All of my reviews contain my honest opinions only and are not influenced in any way.**

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