The Book(ish) Box: December 2016 Unboxing!


Who’s ready for another unboxing?!

The Book(ish) Box is a bookish monthly subscription box from Appraising Pages.

img_5465-1This box is full of bookish items only, and does not include a book. BUT, the company recently released an email with a new option to include a YA book in the boxes! So if you are looking for a box that includes a book OR if you just want all of the goodies, this box would be a perfect choice for you.

What sets this box apart is the inclusion of an exclusive t-shirt designed and printed by Appraising Pages themselves! One of the major reasons I asked for this box for Christmas was due to this feature. I have always wanted more BOOKISH T-SHIRTS!

Similar to most book subscription boxes, the items are selected based on a particular theme for the month. For the December 2016 box, the theme is the YULE BALL from the Harry Potter series. So not only does this particular box include awesome t-shirts, but it ALSO includes my favorite theme!

Here’s my very first unboxing of The Book(ish) Box:



First off, I love the packaging for this box! Each side is designed with the Harry Potter theme. So far, I am loving the box!


(The shirt and sweater in the background were NOT included in the box)


This card is the information card that explains all of the items in the box. If you receive this box for yourself, do NOT flip this over until the end of your unboxing due to SPOILERS.


The top item in the box is the SHIRT! And I can see the Harry Potter theme (YAY!).


This shirt is so CUTE! It is the perfect Christmas theme for when I leave Hogwarts for break 🙂 It features mini Sorting Hats, Wands, and Snitches all inside a giant wreathe and bow. I love it!!

This shirt is the soft material that is printed in a fun metallic gold. Since this unboxing, I have worn it AT LEAST five times.


The next item is a souvenir from the Yule Ball! It is a plastic travelers mug featuring the Weird Sisters which if you remember, they performed during Harry’s Yule Ball during his fourth year! This cup is from Drop and Give Me Nerdy.


The next item is an enamel PIN featuring wizarding textbooks, a snitch, and a Gryffindor scarf.

This awesome pin is from Jar of Buttons. I can definitely see Hermoine wearing this as she scurries to the library.

I absolutely love candles! Which makes this item perfect for my bookish collection. This one from Whiskey Diamond Candle Co., features the scents of Christmas in the Great Hall with pine, green apples, and fireplace embers. It smells AMAZING and exactly what I imagine the Great Hall to smell like. *dramatic sniffing*

The final bookish item in the box is a bookmark from Lexy Olivia. FRONT: “We ALL have MAGIC inside US.” BACK: “dumbledope.”


I loved this fun box! The packaging was uniquely designed, and all of the items inside is perfect for my Harry Potter collection. My favorite part of the box was, or course, the shirt!

I can’t wait to see what the next box will hold!

I received a three-month subscription for Christmas, so stay tuned for next month’s unboxing!

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Happy Reading,


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