CLOSED : Blind Date with a Book : GIVEAWAY!!

It’s finally February: the month of pink hearts and YA contemporary reads!

So I’ve been wanting to host my own giveaway here on my blog and through my growing Bookstagram account for awhile now, and I was playing with a BUNCH of ideas until it finally hit me….

…the PERFECT idea for the month of February!

Why not host a Blind Date with a Book!


How many of us have chosen the pick up a book JUST because of how the cover looked??

*hands shoot up*

Now I am 100% guilty of this every single time I see a book. There is a 99.99% chance that if I see a book that LOOKS amazing, I will AT LEAST pick it up to see more of what it’s about. Now whether or not I actually buy the book is a whole other post (hint, hint: future post alert). But the moral of this story is that I am a cover-buy reader.

This does not mean that unless I think the cover is gorgeous I won’t pick it up. There are thousands of books that need a lil’ revamp, but the content inside is still mind-grabbing amazing.

So what’s with the whole blind date thing??

Most people glance at a person and immediately judge them on their impressions without having the person open their mouth to show you differently. Now this can be the same idea for books. You step into a bookstore and judge the books hopelessly on the shelves without even picking them up. So for this giveaway, I wanted y’all to get to hear about the book BEFORE you see which book it is.

So that means this giveaway is a SOMEWHAT-surprise!

I will not tell you the title or author of the book. Just the content inside. SO, if what you read below sounds enticing, you can enter the giveaway for a free book and bookish goodies.

So what’s in the GIVEAWAY?

For this giveaway, I thought I would set 1 (one) lucky reader up on a blind date with a book that I have already gotten to know and feel could use a lil’ lovin’ from YOU!



  • 1 (one) hardcover mysterious, blind book-date
  • 1 (one) journal that will surely complement your date
  • 1 (one) pack of Sharpies pens to write all those mooshy details on what you thought of your date

How do YOU enter?

I am hosting this giveaway here on my blog ALONG with my Bookstagram account. Here are the rules to enter and win:

  • Open within the United States only (due to shipping costs)
  • Receive 2 (two) entries into the drawing if you are a blog subscriber to Treestand Book Reviews AND you comment below with your wish to be in the drawing!
  • Receive 1 (one) entry into the drawing if you are a subscriber to my Bookstagram account @treestandbookreviews AND comment your entry on my Instagram post.
  • Receive 2 (two) entries into the drawing if you comment/share below this post to a friend, family member, or ANYONE who you loves YA or needs a little date with a book! You can do this either on this post OR through my specific Instagram post.

This means you can tally up to 5 (five) entries for a chance to win the ultimate YA-date!

Giveaway active : 12:00 am CT, 1 February 2017 – 11:59 pm CT, 14 February 2017

So do you get any hints?

YES! Do any of these sound interesting to you??

  • YA historical fiction
  • Boston
  • I’m going to die.”
  • Crazy??
  • Sanity

Did you think this date would be a sweetie? NOPE, this book is not what you would probably think about when going on a Valentine’s date. That’s the fun of this giveaway! MYSTERY!!

So go ahead, start entering!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, you feel free to email or comment below and I’ll get back to you quickly!

I will be announcing the winner within a few days following the giveaway closure once I tally up all the entries.

Until then… may the odds be ever in your favor!

Happy Reading,


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