Bout of Books 19 is now in LESS THAN 1 WEEK!


Hello everyone!

It has been such a lonnnng time since I have been able to write a blog post (4 months to be exact).. and I have been DYING!

*I miss my books!*

BUT I am happy to say that today is my last day of official classes before I have an entire week to study for the dreadful finals. Which means next Wednesday I will be free from school obligations!! YAY!

So that’s where Bout of Books is going to come into play. Since I do have three finals left before I am actually free (sad face), I will be starting this read-a-thon a little later than normal. I do not plan on reading much, if any, during Monday and Tuesday (AKA Days 1 and 2). Instead, I will be cramming all of my time full of books starting Wednesday morning after my finals and finish out the week strong. Continue reading