The Book Deprived Read-a-thon!

So the other day I had this great idea. With Bout of Books ending tomorrow, I always think a week isn’t enough to just be able to have an excuse to read all the time.

But really.. why couldn’t I??

One of the greatest things about being a reader is that I can do it whenever I want! (Well.. besides the necessary life-things that I have to make time for which each day) So that’s why I have decided to host my own read-a-thon, but with a shot of expresso added to waken it up. Instead of it being a day long or even a week long, I am extending it to a whole 3 MONTHS!


Yep, you read that right! I will be pushing myself to read as much as I can over the entire summer in order to catch up on the last nine months of school. Since my school workload was so heavy, I had to put all reading on hold up until now. So to compensate for my book-deprived 9 months, I am going to read as much as possible from now until the middle of August to try and catch up on all of the YA books that I have been missing out on. Yay!

But, I didn’t want it to overlap with the Bout of Books read-a-thon, so I will begin the Book Deprived Read-a-thon this Monday at 12:00am! Every Saturday I will be updating you on all of the books and pages that I was able to read throughout previous week along with the TBR pile for the upcoming week (similar to how I updated for BoB).

I have a GIANT TBR pile with a ton of great, highly anticipated reads. I’m excited just thinking about it!

What’s my goal?

As of right now, I am 18 books behind (11/80) in my Goodreads challenge. But I want to exceed that goal and get a really good head start for the fall for when I will inevitably have to put reading on hold again. So, my goal for the next 15 weeks is to read AT LEAST 40 books!

This will mean that I will have to push myself to read almost 3 books a week! *slowly breathe out* I can do this!

I’m pushing myself a little more than normal, but that’s OK! I am really excited to get this ball rollin’ next week, and I want to welcome you to join me!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have the perfect excuse to be able to get out of boring family reunions or to get out of seeing your great aunt three times removed who can’t even remember your name?

So here’s your official invitation. Welcome!


The Book Deprived Read-a-thon will run from Monday May 14th @ 12:00am until Saturday August 19th @ 11:59pm.

I will be posting an update every Saturday so stay tuned for those posts! You can also subscribe below for instant links to each of the posts as they as released to the bookish world!

You can follow my progress and your own with #bookdeprived on Instagram and Twitter!

Feel free to leave you own updates in the comment sections. Who knows, maybe you’ll have the ultimate recommendation for your fellow booknerds!

Until next time..

Happy Reading,


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