Bout of Books 19 : Sunday’s Update & Wrap Up!


This week flew by so fast! I can’t believe it is already over, BUT I am really happy with how it turned out.


Here is my progress from Sunday (Day 7):

Continued: A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) by V.E. Schwab, pages 106-192

For a daily total of 86 pages..

..and a GRAND TOTAL of..

..711 pages and 2 books finished in the week!

So how did I do overall?

Books Read:

  • Mad Miss Mimic by Sarah Henstra
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas
  • A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) by V.E. Schwab

Did I Reach My Goal?

Ehh. I finished some great reads this last week. My goal was to read 2.5 books which I sort of did. I only made it halfway through A Darker Shade of Magic, but I will be finishing it within the next few days. This means I was able to finish 2 books counting the first and last books as 1 whole book since I was halfway through each within the week’s time frame.

But I am very happy with the progress that I made. The whole idea of the read-a-thon is to read more than you normally would in a week, and I definitely did that. There were plenty of moments while in the car and as I was getting ready to go to sleep that I was able to get a few pages here and there.

I will have to say that all three books were amazing! My favorite one was ACOTAR which I felt so drained after finishing it. I will be having reviews of each of the books I finished posted here in the next few weeks.

Overall, it was a great start to summer and a great dive into my TBR pile.

What books did you get into through the read-a-thon?

Don’t forget that today (15 May) began my own version of the Bout of Books Read-a-thon with my Book Deprived Read-a-thon. It will be taking place ALL SUMMER LONG! You can read more about it in the original bookish post HERE.

Until next time..

Happy Reading,


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