Top 7 Things I Look for While Book Browsing


As bookworms, when we are told that we are about to venture into a bookstore, we get really excited. And by really, I mean REALLY excited!

Sometimes we strut into a bookstore on a mission for that one book that we’ve had our eyes on for the past month and a half. Other times, we love to take our time and visually examine every single book sitting upon each and every shelf waiting for our money-dry hands to take them home.

And let me tell ya, my wallet is the only thing keeping me away from walking out with a car load of books.

So for y’all who are like me, we have to be a little selective on what which book, or armful.. actually, make that two armfuls, we can add to our own shelves. That’s where to art of bookstore browsing comes into play.

We have all had those moments where we have five books ready to buy within the first ten minutes of walking through the doors but then only leave with two or three by the time you’re being dragged out by your friends a few hours later.

So how do I make the decision of which book makes the cut?



Here are 7 criteria that I’ve noticed helps to lure me to buy a particular book:

1. Cover Buys

Now I am a sucker for a good cover. Even if you’ve never been in a bookstore before, you can tell which section houses the YA books from the adults books just from the vibrant, aesthetic covers that have your eyes screaming for mercy. Especially when I’m given the time to look around the YA section, I like to take my time to look for hidden treasures in the stacks that I may have missed through the less, fun internet browsing.

When it comes to book covers, I am 100x more likely to pick up a book that has a well designed, colorful, pleasing cover than one that is mostly bland. Now when it comes to the pictures or designs on the front, I am also 100x less likely to pick up a book that is traditional with a boy-meets-girl cover. Not that these types of covers mean the book is “not good” but it means that I am more likely to keep on skimming to the next book.

2. Skip the Synopsis

I know, I know. How can I buy a book without knowing what it’s about??

Well, this is where I can cheat and say that this is one of the perks of being a Book Blogger: I already know what most of the books are about. Since I love to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, and BookTube, I have seen a majority of the books in a bookstore from other book hauls, book talks, and bookstagram photos. But this is not the only reason I don’t read the synopsis of a book. It’s not that I go out of my way to not read a synopsis, but I just tend to find myself looking at a cover as a way to determine if it may be headed in my preferred reading direction. I also don’t like to be spoiled for what will happen in the book. ‘Cause let’s face it. Usually the synopsis includes some piece of information that should have been left out, but instead, you now have a pretty familiar idea of what may happen in the story. ..Thanks for the minor spoils 😦

3. As Seen on BookTube/Bookstagram

img_5860I spend a good portion of my non-reading time either looking for new books to buy or for the latest information on which books I should buy. And I do so through the Instagram and YouTube communities. If I have seen a book with high praise or just constantly on my news feed, I am more likely to at least pick up the book if I don’t already have the plan to buy it. Bookstagram is a blessing and a curse. Sorry bank account. (..not really)

4. Big Books

I don’t know if it’s just that I like having my arms feel like they’re about the fall off or if I just think that I’m getting more for my money, but I love buying thicker books. I mean, who doesn’t? The bigger, the better!

5. Genre Buys

If you haven’t been on my blog for long, you may not have noticed that I tend to lean towards the world of fantasy, paranormal, and magical realism as my favorite books to buy and read. It’s not that I strictly stick to these genres, but I just really love a good fantasy story over a contemporary one. So if I see a book with an awesome assassin or witch on the front, I am more likely to pick that up to see if I’ll be adding it to m collection. This might be why I say away from the traditional boy-meets-girl covers, because to me, experiencing a totally new world is more fun.

6. Who’s the Author?

img_6700-1Whenever Sarah J. Maas releases a publication date for a new title, I immediately preorder it! The last two ACOTAR books were preorder, the last two TOG books were preorder, and I currently have out my order for the new Tower of Dawn release for this September. If I love an author, I am 100% likely to already own it before I even walk into a bookstore, but for those authors that I newly found clustering my TBR-pile, I will stop and take a look at the rest of their collection while in the store.

7. Bookish Buzzwords

What I love about bookstores is finding those books that may have been out for years but have been hiding under all the hype from other releases. Bookstore browsing helps to combat that. Titles of books are a great way to catch my attention. If I see the words assassin, retelling, pirates, witches, wizards, magic, or kingdoms, I won’t even realize that my hand has already grabbed the book off the shelf until I’m reading the first page.


What kinds of things do you look for in a book while out book shopping? Leave your bookish qualities in the comments below!

I hope y’all enjoyed this fun bookish post! Stay tuned for more posts every week! You can subscribe below for instant links to each post straight to you inbox, OR you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for the latest exclusive information on the YA world!

Until next time..

Happy Reading,


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