Summer Reading Playlist


Summer is the time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a stack of amazing YA novels!And what do you need to help you get into those hardcore battle scenes or those romantic just-before-the-kiss moments??

An even more amazing PLAYLIST!!

Music is something that I’ve always used to help me get into a book whether it’s to help me take off the edge from my hectic schedule OR to just add that extra touch to the perfect reading moment.

SO over the years, I’ve devised the perfect go-to playlist for when I just want to get away from reality and immerse myself in a more fictional world.

Rant time

My #1 tool to making this playlist was, of course, Spotify. (It’s not just for writers) Now I’ve always been an iTunes girl, but a few months ago, I was introduced to this world of creating your own playlists. I will NEVER go back to paying boat-loads of money for my 3000+ library! (And no, this is my opinion and not any sort of sponsorship)

If you are a broke college student, such as myself, please go do yourself a favor and try this service out!

ok, now that my helpful bookish hint to y’all is over, here are some of my current reading playlist songs!


  1. About Today by The National
  2. Take Care of You by Airling
  3. I Found by Amber Run
  4. Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
  5. I Need Answers by Asta
  6. My Heart is on Fire by Asta
  7. Hyde by Astrid S
  8. Sophie by Bear’s Den
  9. Electric Love by BORNS
  10. Icon by Empress Of
  11. My Number by Foals
  12. Drive by Glades
  13. Like It’s Over (Howle Remix) by Jai Wolf
  14. Do You Remember by Jarryd James
  15. Falling Short by Lapsley
  16. Alaska by Maggie Rogers
  17. Easy As it Seems by The Mavericks
  18. Fall in Love by Phantogram
  19. bodyache by Purity Ring
  20. Lessons by SOHN
  21. Keep Running by Tei Shi
  22. Settle by Vera Blue
  23. Thinking of a Place by The War on Drugs
  24. Lips by The xx
  25. America by XYLO

For me, alternative and idie are my #1 choices when I’m looking to add new songs to my lists! I like the edgy, calm ones that aren’t well-know but DEFINATELY should be!

While some songs make you want to bust out and sing along, this is sort-of frowned upon when you are trying to actually read your book.

These songs are guaranteed to put you in the reading mood while also allowing yourself to become fully into your character who just pulled off the most impossible heist (hmmm, I wonder which book that could be from…)

This is the perfect background music that you’ve been waiting for!!

So grab your earbuds and your lawn-chair and soak up some Vitamin D while reading your stack of books!

What songs do you use to get yourself in the perfect reading zone??

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Until next time…

Happy Reading,


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