Kat’s Pop-Up Read-a-thon Wrap Up!


So this last Thursday, I decided to indulge myself into a day full of reading! 24 hours of reading as much as I could! Me, my books, and of course, a few cups of coffee all day long! img_7797

Here is what my 24 hours looked like:

00:00 – Nap time! I may have stayed up a little too late, so I took a quick nap before I began the read-a-thon.

02:30 – Woke up and watched some BookTube videos to keep me up!

03:00 – Began reading The Partials by Dan Wells, pages 109 – 174 ** Coffee #1 **

04:00 – Pages 174 – 211

05:00 – Early morning nap. Whoops! I fell asleep with my book still in my hands..

09:00 – Now that I’m refreshed, I have the whole day to read! Read pages 211 – 306

10:00 – Pages 306 – 390

11:00 – Finished The Partials at page 518!! I had a huge burst of reading this hour. Go ME!

12:00 – Lunch Break between books.

13:00 – Began reading Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman pages 1 – 55

14:00 – Break time.

15:00 – Read pages 55 – 79

16:00 – Continued reading pages 79 – 81, but then I got distracted with another reading break.

17:00 – Decided to take a nice, hot bath with my new Bath Bombs I bought from Target. With a cherry candle going, I began to relax with my book, but then at the last minute I changed gears. I have only really listened to an audiobook one other time a few months ago while on vacation, so I decided to download one from my library. I listened to Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, chapters 1 -2 for a total time of 42 minutes! ** Coffee #2 **

18:00 – Time for a quick cool-off shower and some dinner!

19:00 – Back into my reading chair, I continued to read Vengeance Road pages 81 – 100

20:00 – Pages 100 – 157

21:00 – Pages 157 – 242

22:00 – Pages 242 – 318. Finished! That’s now 2 books completed in the read-a-thon.

23:00 – Began to read Siege and Storm (Shadow & Bone #2) by Leigh Bardugo pages 1 – 39.

This read-a-thon was AWESOME! I finished 2 books and started 1 audiobook and 1 paperback.

I think that this could be something that I will do again in the future as kind-of a fun, random occurrence to get myself going on my TBR pile! Especially with school coming up in less than 3 weeks, I won’t be able to read as much as I have been this summer, so a Pop-Up could help me take a little “me”-time on the weekends.

What were you able to accomplish reading this week??

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Until next time..

Happy Reading,




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