Bout of Books 20 Wrap Up!


Happy Monday everyone!

I hope y’all’s week is wrapping up bookishingly! This past week for me has been CRAZY busy with orientations, study schedules, and a work-filled weekend. I’d have to say that the only downside to this overall positive week was the lack of time I was able to incorporate for one of my absolute favorite read-a-thons.

As I’m sure you can guess (considering you just clicked on this page) this past week was the 20th edition of Bout of Books! YAY!

And I am please to say that I was able to find a wee-extra time while on my weekend commute to get some reading done.

Overall, here is what I was able to read this past week:


Finished: Mask of Shadows (Untitled #1) by Linsey Miller, pages 1 – 260 (ARC eBook edition)

Started: Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel, pages 1 – 41 (ARC ebook edition)

Total page count: 301

Read-a-thon Goal : 1.5/3

So compared to my goal post, I was shy of my 3 book goal. I ended up reading my massive OB textbook instead to try to get ahead in my final year of nursing school *shrieks with joy*. But for this read-a-thon, I wanted to keep my YA and nurse readings separate.

BUT, I am extremely pleased to say that I see the amazing light at the end of the loooong reading-slump tunnel! *even more shrieks of joy*!

{Knock on wood} I hope to get some extra reading done this week before I am buried under the mountain we call a nursing student’s life.

So comment below with what you read this past week! Did you find any books you are super stoked over?? Let us know!!

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Until then….

Happy Reading,


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