Blog Tour: Risen (Blood Eternal #1) by Cole Gibsen


Risen by Cole Gibsen is a YA Fantasy full of sizzling romance and Vampire clans!



risen.jpgFans of Vampire Diaries and Twilight will be thirsting for this latest vampire addiction…

My aunt has been kidnapped by vampires, and it’s up to me to save her. Only…I had no idea vampires existed. None. Nada. I’m more of a reader than a fighter, and even though I’d been wishing to escape my boring existence in the middle of nowhere, I’d give anything to have it back now if it meant my aunt was safe.

Then there’s the vampire Sebastian, who seems slightly nicer than most of the bloodsuckers I’ve run into so far. Yes, he’s the hottest being I’ve ever come across, but there’s no way I can trust him. He swears he’s helping me get answers, but there’s more to his story. Now I’m a key pawn in a raging vampire war, and I need to pick the right ally.

But my chances of surviving this war are slim at best, when the side I choose might be the one that wants me dead the most.

Read this Excerpt:

Risen1Don’t say it like that, Charlie. I wanted to protect you.” She tugs on the edge of my cardigan, pulling me toward her. “I love you. You’re the most important thing in my life, do you understand?” 


There’s a desperation in her eyes that tightens my throat. Swallowing hard, I nod.


She lets go of me with a sigh. “Maybe I took it too far.” She sweeps her dreadlocks over her shoulder and twists them tightly. “All I’ve ever wanted was to keep you safe.” 


Safe. The world spirals, cold and slippery, down my spine. “What are you so afraid of?”

She opens her mouth only to shut it again.

Jax growls.

We turn as he claws at the door.

“The only thing there is to be afraid of,” she whispers. “The monsters.


This book was AMAZING! 

I was very surprised in how much I enjoyed this book, but NOT in a bad way. Going into this story, I had no idea how much I was going to be completely sucked (no pun intended) in!

Knowing that this was going to be featured with vampires, I felt like this was going to be more on the typical, bland focus of the creatures. BUT little did I know that I was about to be on an intense, heart-racing thrill ride.

I appreciated how fast this book started. You don’t have to wait for the story to get moving like 95% of all books start out as. Literally, the first page set the scene and it jumped straight from there within the first chapter. So, if you find yourself in a reading slump, pick up this book and you won’t be disappointed!

For the most part, there are VERY few books where I think the romance is written in a way that doesn’t make me, sort of, roll my eyes. This book leaned more on making my eyes fly across the page. How it’s executed in writing makes this story one of those intense, heart-pounding connections that you want more of. There were parts in this book where I found myself skipping paragraphs just so I could get more of the relationship escalations.

Risen7But like I kinda said before, the world of the vampires is different from most vampire stories. There are similarities, but it is the differences that make this one of my all-time favorites. As you will read later in the story, there are various types of clans that make this also have that fantasy element. It sort of had a Walking Dead / zombie feel as well, so don’t think this is the Twilight-type of vampires.

Overall, I gave this book a strong 5 out of 5 stars. The characters are pretty diverse in their background while also displacing all of the typical characteristics seen in most YA stories. The dialogue also features a bit of snarky wit which I felt to be subtly amusing. There is a lot of mysterious background information that is slowly seeped throughout the book from century-old conflicts to hidden secrets to heart-stopping moments. I really enjoyed this book, and I CAN NOT wait to read book 2!


Published: 27 March 2018

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Pages: 300

How I Read It: eArc from Publisher


Cole Gibsen


“Growing up, Cole Gibsen couldn’t decide what she loved more—dogs or books. Rather than choose, she decided to devote her life to both! Dog trainer (wrangler) by day and author by night, she’s the author of more than ten books with more on the way. ”

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*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All of my book reviews contain my opinion only and are not influenced in any way.*

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