Attention Throne of Glass fans!!


With the release of the finale to the Throne of Glass series quickly approaching, I have been struggling a horrifying realization:


If you’ve been following along through my Twitter, Goodreads, or Instagram account, you may have been aware that the last TOG book I’ve finished was Queen of Shadows.

I know, I know, how in the world did I get so behind? To be honest, I think it’s because not only do amazing books release weekly but it seems to come back to the idea that I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE SERIES SO FAR!?

This isn’t saying that I read the books and haven’t been enjoying the story, because I do. But since I binge-read the first two books closer together, by the time the next books released a year apart, I wasn’t able to remember what fully happened in the previous books.

But not anymore!

So to celebrate the release of Kingdom of Ash on October 23rd and to help re-cap on all the epic twists, I have created a Read-a-thon and Review-a-thon leading up to the finale!

Welcome to what I call the Throne of Thoughts: a Throne of Glass Read-a-thon!!


Starting August 1st, I will be reading each of the seven current releases within about a week to a week-and-a-half apiece, depending on the growing lengths of the books. But then, beginning September 8th, I will be binge-reviewing with the ultimate review posts every Saturday leading up to the Kingdom of Ash release!


Not only will these reviews include spoiler-filled thoughts, BUT they will also contain fun, bookish content such as my very own reading playlists, favorite quotes, and so much more!

img_1473So I am challenging you to join in this Wednesday to binge-read one of my favorite YA Fantasy series! That’s 3,840 pages in 2 months. And the perfect added bonus to my Read-a-thon is that not only will you be able to say you read this MASSIVE series, but you won’t have to compromise your daily responsibilities.

Roughly if you read anywhere from 40-70 pages a day, you would be right on track. That’s 30 pages when you wake up and 30 pages before sliding into bed. You can do it! (You could even say that’s my expert tip in incorporating more reading into your busy routine)

So join me in this laid-back, highly-do-able read-a-thon and become prepared for the ultimate finale!

You can follow my progress through my Twitter and Instagram Stories and contribute your own epic thoughts through the #ThroneofThoughts! We will talk about everything TOG!

Grab your Book Buddies and help spread the word!!

Stay tuned for more bookish posts every week! To follow along you can subscribe below for instant links to each of my posts and help share the love of YA!


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Until next time…

Happy Reading,


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