My Bookish Morning Routine


There are soo many ways you can add bookish goodness into your mornings. AND *gasp,* it doesn’t always have to do with reading a physical book. (Even though that may be one of the best parts)

But Kat, what could you possibly mean??

If you’ve been around the reading block, you may know that, especially with social media and the lovely world of technology, the book community is NOT restricted to just picking up your favorite book and reading devouring it cover to cover. There are so many ways to discover all the bookish content out there, and spoiler, you won’t have to leave your house!

If you’re somewhat of a morning person like me, having a ‘good’ morning can make your day 1000x better. And with me being a HUGE book nerd, what better way to begin the day than with all the BOOKS!

So here is a snip-bit of how I like to make my mornings a little more bookish:


6:30am: Wake up and check Twitter and Bookstagram for any bookish news

6:35am: Turn on some music to wake my groggy brain  – I recommend ‘Productive Morning’ on Spotify

6:40am: Make that cup o’ joe to wake the rest of my body

6:45am: Get ready with my favorite YA podcast – First Draft – features fun interviews with bestselling authors

7:00am: Pack my TBR for the day – usually 2 books to be on the safe side

7:05am: Breakfast with an extra side of books – a tip to get your daily reading in

7:40am: Commutes are better with audiobooks

8:00am: Conquer the day!!

Even with a busy day ahead, you can always add a little extra time to escape reality!

What kinds of bookish rituals do you like to do every day?? Let us know below!

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Until next time..

Happy Reading,


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