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Music can be highly influential in how I perceive a book. An epic battle can be magnified with a climatic song or the sounds of gentle waves can make the character’s walk on the beach feel peaceful.

And while I was reading A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses #2) by Sarah J. Maas, I came across the perfect playlist that made one of my favorite books of 2018 feel alive.

In this post, you will find 16 songs that I found to fit the story perfectly as I was reading it for the first time.

*Certain songs contain some SPOILERS of ACOMAF written next to them of where I feel the song fits best in the story, so if you haven’t read the book or want to be mildly spoiled, I suggest reading the book first before scrolling down.*

*But for all of my fellow ACOMAF fans, I highly suggest listening to these songs while re-reading the book in the indicated spots!*


Ace of Hearts by Zella Day

Save Tonight by Zayde Wolf

Surrender by Natalie Taylor – (Feyre & Rhys)

Rescue Me by Eurielle – (Feyre’s cry for help.. this was such a hopeless moment)

Game of Survival by Ruelle – (Listen during the last chapter)

I Ran (So Far Away) by Hidden Citizens – (Underwater escape)

Dark in My Imagination by of Verona – (Feyre meets the Inner Circle)

Mr. Sandman by SYML – (This is all Rhys)

Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra – (From Feyre to Tamlin)

Running with the Wolves by Aurora – (The Inner Circle party)

Hurts Like Hell by Fleurie – (Lost Tamlin after her rescue)

Paralyzed by NF – (At the wedding, when she realizes what is happening)

Bite by Troye Siran – (Chapter 55)

Keep Me Sane by Kacy Hill – (After Rhys)

You Don’t Own Me by Grace – (To Tamlin)

King by Zayde Wolf – (The Court of Nightmares)


Did you find other songs that fit ACOMAF?? List them down below and help grow the playlist!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Book Review of this epic sequel!

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