Trouble Is a Friend of Mine (Trouble #1) by Stephanie Tromly


Trouble Is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly is a YA Contemporary / Mystery story of a girl teaming up to solve the mystery of a local kidnapping.


troubleOf course I didn’t like Digby when I first met him. No one does.

The first time Philip Digby shows up on Zoe Webster’s doorstep, he’s rude and he treats her like a book he’s already read and knows the ending to.

But before she knows it, Zoe’s allowed Digby—annoying, brilliant, and somehow…attractive? Digby—to drag her into a series of hilarious, dangerous, and only vaguely legal schemes all related to the kidnapping of a local teenage girl. A kidnapping that might be connected to the tragic disappearance of his little sister eight years ago. When it comes to Digby, Zoe just can’t say no.

But is Digby a hero? Or is his manic quest an indication of a desperate attempt to repair his broken family and exorcize his own obsessive-compulsive tendencies? And does she really care anyway?

This is a contemporary debut with razor-sharp dialogue, ridiculously funny action, and a dynamic duo you won’t soon forget.


This book was so weird and confusing when I first got into it. Which completely fits the story, as the main character is trying to figure out why this random, kind of stalker-ish guy is popping up everywhere. This is one of those books that you can’t help but continue to read.

If you love unique and fun twists to detective stories, this book should be next on your TBR. We follow as she is slowly involved in discovering more about what happened to the missing girls in town. The mystery uncovers A LOT more than they expected. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m going to be leaving it at that, but even though there is room for the sequel to expand on the missing girls, there isn’t a dull moment in the book that won’t keep you guessing.

And Digby. He is a crazy, obnoxious, yet extremely smart guy all throughout this book. He’s a character that you hate to love, pretty much exactly how the main character sees him.

A lot of shenanigans happen.

Overall, this was a funny, mystery novel that I couldn’t put down until I finished by the end of the night. And the last chapter, did not see that twist coming. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. I will definitely be moving on with the sequel sometime soon!

If you like books that touch on the typical, and not-so-typical, high school life, a possible religious cult next door, and some shady stuff going down in town, this book is for you.


Published: 4 August 2015

Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary / Mystery

Pages: 336

How I Read It: Hardcover from August 2015 Owlcrate box

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