The Graces (The Graces #1) by Laure Eve


The Graces by Laure Eve is a YA Contemporary story with Paranormal elements involving witches!


the gracesEveryone loves the Graces.

Fenrin Grace is larger than life, almost mythical. He’s the school Pan, seducing girls without really meaning to. He’s biding his time until someone special comes along. Someone different, who will make him wonder how he got along all this time without her. Someone like me.

Fenrin’s twin, Thalia, is a willowy beauty with rippling, honey-colored hair. Wherever she goes, Thalia leaves behind a band of followers who want to emulate her. She casts spells over everyone she encounters, just like Fenrin—even if they both deny it.

Then there’s Summer. She’s the youngest Grace, and the only one who admits she’s really a witch. Summer is dark on the outside—with jet-black hair and kohl-rimmed eyes—and on the inside. It was inevitable that she’d find me, the new girl—a loner with secrets lurking under the surface.

I am River. I am not a Grace. But I’ll do anything to become one.


Remember Twilight?

Yep, this book reminded me of the classic, romantic, obsessive story that you may have read in high school.

We follow a new girl in school that is instantly obsessed with this trio of siblings who the whole school believes are witches. From the first moment, she can’t help but stare at them and wonder about who they really are outside of school.

Then, she becomes so involved with them that she begins to conduct her own research on witches and the rituals they perform, until she actually performs one that involves the stunning brother she can’t stop thinking about.

Does any of this seem vaguely familiar?? Even though most of the book is unique to itself, I couldn’t help but picture the characters of Twilight smashed into this witch world. The real difference between the two books is that I think Twilight had more to run with than this one.

Then when it came to the actual story, I had a hard time becoming immersed when there was very little plot to help drive me in. There were moments when I would think that the story would finally kick off into something more than the typical girl obsessed with cute, bad boy, but then I would become instantly let down when nothing really happened.

I ended up giving this one 2 out of 5 stars. I was hoping to get more out of the book, but the boring parts took over, and left me unsatisfied.


Published: 6 September 2016

Publisher: Amulet Books

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary / Paranormal

Pages: 336

How I Read It: ARC from Publisher

*Disclaimer: I picked up a free copy of this book from the 2015 BEA Convention in exchange for an honest review. All of my reviews contain my honest opinion only and are not influenced in any way.*

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