Bout of Books 24 Starts at Midnight Tonight!


Less than 9 hours until my favorite read-a-thon, and don’t forget that it’s not too late to join in on the fun!

QFFXP8jClick HERE to visit my reading goals blog post and all the info on this week-long read-a-thon.

Even if you can only read one page, this week is all about picking up a book, magazine, or even a manga, and just being able to sit down and dive into reading.

That’s why I absolutely love this particular read-a-thon! There’s no pressure in setting a specific TBR or pushing your time to the limits to finish that next chapter. The only goal is to try and read a little more than you would have in a normal day.

If you’re joining in on the fun, please feel free to share your goals and which book you’ll be reading first in the comments below!

I will be adding White Stag by Kara Berbieri to tonight’s TBR list, and I am excited to get deeper into this YA Fantasy story!

Stay tuned for my daily progress in a new blog post starting this Tuesday.

What’s your reading goal?? Whether you are joining in on the fun or not, you can feel free to leave your personal reading status in the comments at any time.

My previous Read-a-thon results

Bout of Books: 23 22 | 21 | 20 19 | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15 | 14 | 13

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Until next time…

Happy Reading,


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