Bout of Books 24: Monday + Tuesday’s Update


Ready for the first update of my favorite read-a-thon??


Here is what I was able to accomplish for Day 1 (Monday):

For the first day, I wasn’t able to read much at all. After not feeling the greatest, I ended up binge-watching Netflix and sleeping the day away.

Daily Total of Pages: 0

But, for Day 2 (Tuesday), I felt a little better, and I was able to read a bit more:

Started & FinishedAnaliese Rising by Brenda Drake, pages 1 – 350


For a daily total of 350 pages..

..and a grand total of..

..350 pages and 1/5 books finished in Bout of Books 24!

What’s your reading goal?? Whether you are joining in on the fun or not, you can feel free to leave your own reading status in the comments at any time!

My previous Read-a-thon results

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Until next time…

Happy Reading,


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