The Wilted Flower District (#2) by Martin Niewood


The Wilted Flower District by Martin Niewood is a companion novel to Forgotten Violets, a YA Fantasy world.


wilted“At sixteen Violet Noone is thrown into a world of deception and betrayal when her sister, Ophelia, missing and presumed dead for the last four years, suddenly reenters her life. Violet and her brother, Weylin, venture into in a desolate district of Fairhaven to meet Ophelia but instead of finding her, they discover the brutally murdered body of a young man, Claude Cole. Fleeing the scene, they become suspects, relentlessly pursued by Penny, the officer in charge of the investigation. They soon learn that this murder is no isolated incident as they unravel its mysterious connection to the forbidden fruit, Elsyn.
Things in the Domain are different than they were on Earth. For one thing, death there holds no promise of rebirth into another realm. Fairhaven is an energized and diverse city with many neighborhoods including the Wilted Flower District, where Violet lives with her adoptive family. Having lost her parents many years ago, Violet relies on her brother, Weylin, and her best friend, Deena, for support while concealing the truth from her adoptive mom, Ivy, whose help she needs the most.
Determined to solve the mystery and reunite her family, Violet confronts her own beliefs, the political order, and the physical world. The question is how far is she willing to go?


If you’ve read my review of Forgotten Violets, you will already know that I wasn’t a fan of this world, but I wanted to try out this companion novel, to see if it was able to live up to my hopes. And honestly, I think that the author was able to expand upon their writing in this installment.

The writing style was easier to relate to, and I think the plot was more developed than I read in Book 1. We get to follow a quest in figuring out what happened to the main character’s sister after being missing for years.

Since this is a companion novel, we got to revisit the dark, fantasy world and the drug-like fruit that causes a bit of havoc. Overall, I felt like there were a lot of similarities in both books from the characterizations and plot structure.

I was able to follow along a bit easier in this book, and I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. If you did like Forgotten Violets, I would recommend reading this one next.


Published: 1 November 2018

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Pages: 158

How I Read It: eBook from NetGalley

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All of my reviews contain honest opinions only and are not influenced in any way.*

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