Own to Obey (Myth of Omega #7) by Zoey Ellis


Own to Obey by Zoey Ellis is a dark, adult fantasy romance featuring an Alpha Prince and his gifted Omega girl. 

*This book contains mature, sexual content and may not be suitable for younger readers. Continue reading

Blog Tour: Apocalypse Five (Archive of the Fives #1) by Stacey Rourke


Apocalypse Five by Stacey Rourke is the first in a new, YA SciFi series featuring apocalyptic simulations and the hunt for true survival. Continue reading

Silver Hollow (Borderlands Saga #1) by Jennifer Silverwood


Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood is an Adult Contemporary / Fantasy story of a girl’s tragic loss and her discovery of what she is capable of. Continue reading

The Provider (The Alaskan Chronicles #1) by John Hunt


The Provider by John Hunt is a YA Dystopian of survival after the largest solar flare wipes out the world’s electricity. Continue reading