The Provider (The Alaskan Chronicles #1) by John Hunt


The Provider by John Hunt is a YA Dystopian of survival after the largest solar flare wipes out the world’s electricity.


36351277“The year is 2020 and President Trump has just announced that the world is bracing itself for the effects of a huge solar storm.

17 year old Jim Richards is a gawky, unimpressive teenager in Anchorage, Alaska. As chaos descends and society breaks down into anarchy and violence, his family team up with others to leave the city and take their chances in the Alaskan wilderness. They can no longer flick a switch to get what they want, no mobile or internet, in fact no communication at all with the wider world, how will it play out?

Jim must step up, and in doing so, find his true self, his first love, and his destiny. How will the human race survive in this new world?

The Provider is the first of the Alaskan Chronicles.


If you want a book that feels scary realistic in what could happen if the entire world’s electrical grid shut off, this book needs to be on your TBR.

It isn’t a big secret that the modern day world is almost completely reliant on electricity. And it really wasn’t until I read this survival story that it really did hit me just how much that statement was true.

We get a glimpse into the ideas of how civilizations have changed from being being one with the natural elements to now where most of us can’t go an hour without power. After a catastrophic event happens not too far into the future, we are thrown into the idea of what could happen if this type of situation occurred in our world today? 

This book explores that question.

We follow the main character who is a teenaged boy and his family as they have to make tough decisions on survival in this apocalyptic Earth. It was the realistic nature of it all that leaves you with a weird feeling of being unprepared.

I really liked the setting. Stuck in the more rural, Alaskan wilderness, we get to see a little glimpse in the differences that an urban setting may face in the situation versus a quieter, less populated setting may have. And through the writing, we get to see the harsh variances.

The story deals with sticking together and the possibility of life in the long run. There is a romantic aspect to the plot that was interesting to see play out. It gives a more realistic, yet daunting circumstance that showed what a person may have had to sacrifice for outside of the usual normal food and shelter survival modes.

Overall, this was a very captivating read and left me thinking. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. The realistic elements to the story was scary with how close to being a true outcome of our technologic society. It is definitely survival of the fittest.   


Published: 29 June 2018

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian / Survival

Pages: 288

How I Read It: Paperback from Author

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. All my reviews contain my honest opinion only and are not influenced in any way.*

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