Blog Tour: The Sweetest Match by Abby Tyler (Excerpt)


The Sweetest Match by Abby Tyler is a new, Adult Contemporary Romance out now!



SweetestMatchShe hid secret messages in frosting, thinking no one would notice.

Abby Tyler welcomes you to the witty, well-meaning busybodies of Applebottom, Missouri, where the community takes its pies — and its matchmaking — very seriously.

When Sandy Miller emerges from her shack on the edge of town after eighteen years, she finds a job making tea cakes for a little shop on Town Square.

But then everyone starts spotting secret words of love and longing on her cakes.

Andrew McCallister is the first to admit that he never got over Sandy Miller when she dropped out of high school and disappeared. But now she’s back.

He just has to get the guts to talk to her.

When the town summons the pair to a meeting to plan the school’s centennial bash, Andrew and Sandy discover they are the only two members of the committee. As they attempt to rekindle the long-lost flame, they realize the community must come together for more than an anniversary party. For their new relationship to flourish, the old guard must learn to support their most vulnerable members even when times get hard.”


Published: 7 March 2019

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Adult Contemporary / Romance

Pages: 202


“Andrew’s heart sped up as Sandy stood near him on the sidewalk. There was only maybe two feet between them, but he faltered in bridging the gap to kiss her good night. He wasn’t sure why. He wanted to do it. She seemed receptive, smiling up at him in the moonlight.

But he didn’t want to rush things. This had to be new to her. He’d seen no evidence that she had dated anyone in the timeframe since she left high school. Better to take things easy than to mess it up. He’d already closed the deal on a second date. He would quit while he was ahead.

As a compromise, he lifted her fingers to his lips for a gentle kiss. “I look forward to it, Sandy.”

He held onto her hand for a few long beats, then released her.

As he pulled away from her house, she waited on the porch, watching him drive away. It had been a long day, but an amazing one.

Everything about Sandy Miller felt like coming home.


web-Abby-Tyler-author-photo“Abby Tyler loves puppy dogs, pie, and small towns (she grew up in one!) Her Applebottom Matchmaker Society books combine the sweet and wholesome style of romance she loves with the funny, sometimes a-little-too-truthful characters she remembers from growing up in a place where everyone knew everybody’s business.”


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