Book Blitz: A Baby for the Mountain Men by Chloe Kent


A Baby for the Mountain Men by Chloe Kent is an Adult Contemporary Romance featuring a reverse harem, mystery, and tons of steam.



BabyShe was promised to the mysterious mountain men in order to have their baby. Now they’re ready to collect their reward.

Twenty-one-year-old Soraya has lived almost her whole life under the shadow of being promised to the mysterious men in the mountain – a deal struck in return for saving her father’s life. Now the time to present herself at their door has arrived.

For Soraya, this means going from the sheltered, friendless, cruel and unloving care of her grandmother to an equally daunting and strange situation in the eerie mansion hidden deep in the dark mountain. There are rumored to be hideous monsters gracing the dilapidated castle-like house, but nothing prepares Soraya for when she meets the three men determined to extract their repayment in full.

For the sake of her father, she’ll pay the debt, then she’ll start living the life she was meant to live…

…until their bold, immodest examinations and hot intimate discipline leave her quivering and questioning everything.

Shrouded in the darkness is a devastating secret that will leave her entirely undone.


Published: 25 July 2019

Publisher: Blushing Books Publishing

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 196


“Keeping her eyes permanently shut now, she listened and obeyed Logan’s softly murmured instructions, turn this way, that way, lift her arms over head. She also tried desperately not to want to catch his heat. Not to push her chest out, begging silently for his warmth when he discarded her breasts to check her sides, her abdomen. God help her. He trailed fire on her frosty skin wherever he touched. He then moved away from her and she heard a chair being scraped closer.

“Raise your knees,” he said. Soraya obeyed. Keeping her knees firmly stuck together until Logan pried a hand between them. “Part your knees, Miss Arlington,” he said, almost annoyed that he had to tell her something she should have figured out herself.

Tilting her head up and scrunching her eyes even tighter closed, she slowly parted her knees. Of all things… did it have to be this, and did it have to be him? It was only when she parted her legs that she realized wetness has seeped from her vagina. The need to slam her thighs together before anyone noticed was hindered when Logan grasped her ankle and strapped her to the table, foot flat. He did the same with the other and had to tug a little harder as Soraya tried to resist him.


Chloe“Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and write her own romance novels. Her spirited heroines usually require at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes to keep her happy and that’s exactly how Chloe writes them. 

Her favorite pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is running out of coffee or her imagination.”

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