Blog Tour: Fake It Til You Make It by Anne Harper


Fake It Til You Make It by Anne Harper is an Adult Contemporary Romance out now!

*Disclaimer: This book contains mature content and may not be suitable for younger readers*

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FITYMI_1600“Sloane De Carlo is going to have to move to Antarctica.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that she accidentally made her private blog very public, and all her innermost secrets and embarrassing moments are trending, now the entirety of the Internet is dying to know who her all-consuming, never-get-over-him crush “Guy” really is. She’s even got a literary agent dangling a book deal in
front of her nose—but there’s a catch. She’ll have to get closure with “Guy” and give her story that pitch-perfect ending.

Too bad the real “Guy” is engaged to someone else. #Blessed 

The only person in her teeny hometown of Arbor Bay who knows the truth is local bartender Brady Knox. And he’s not telling…for a price. He’ll pretend to be Sloane’s “Guy” if she’ll use her newfound Internet fame to bring more business to his struggling local bar. Brady’s always been a lone wolf, but there’s something about the pint-sized, supremely awkward, yet beautiful Sloane that charms him.

But keeping secrets in a small town like Arbor Bay isn’t easy. And Brady was never meant to be the guy for a pitch-perfect ending…


If you love social media gone wrong, this book will capture you right away when one drunken night causes our heroine’s life to spiral way out of control!

I really enjoyed the plot overall. Her terror and embarrassment created a really enjoyable story, but as for the characters themselves, they weren’t my go-to for romances. It felt like the focus was more on the book deal rather than her connection/romance to the mystery guy, and there were times when it all felt dull. I would have liked to see more steamy scenes between them.

But other than that, I don’t think there was anything that shied me away from the story. It was entertaining, a bit of mystery involved, and was just a really fast read for me. A 3 out of 5 star read from me!

I’d recommend this one if you love romances with fake relationships, embarrassing moments, a bit of humor, and a plot with a focus not just on their chemistry.


Published: 20 April 2020

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 350

How I Read It: eARC from Wildfire Marketing

*Disclaimer: I requested a free copy of this book from Wildfire Marketing in exchange for an honest review. All of my reviews contain my honest opinions only and are not influenced in any way.*


“Anne Harper writes romantic comedy that embodies the shenanigans of an I Love Lucy episode and the awkwardness of saying “you too” after the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal. She lives in South Alabama with her husband, their three cats, and a humidity that threatens to destroy them all. Anne is an advocate for coffee, selfies, and adoption from foster care. When she isn’t dreaming about meeting her future kiddos, she’s getting herself into wild situations and hilarious misunderstandings. #ItsFine

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Banner AN_ Fake It Till You Make it _Anne Harper

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