Romanceopolyathon 2020 Announcement & TBR!


Love romance novels?? Looking for an excuse to explore different tropes in this expansive genre? 

You’ve come to the right place because next week begins a week-long read-a-thon all about romance!

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If you are new to Romanceopoly, this is a year-long reading challenge created by Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace Love Books! They are bloggers/vloggers who are all about romance books, and if you are in need of more recommendations, I highly recommend checking them out!!

Last year, they created a mashup of reading challenges into a fun, Monopoly-style board that can be played a multitude of ways. If you want to learn all the rules, print your own board, or explore their recommendations, you can find all the info on their website:

And to help slay some of the squares, they’ve come up with a read-a-thon starting Monday, April 27th through Sunday, May 3rd. This is the first time I’ve joined in on this challenge, so I’m excited to see how it goes!

For those who want to join, they do have a list of prompts which include:

  1. Cover has same color as the challenge square (if it’s a non-street or corner, pick black or white on the cover)⁠
  2. Recommended to you⁠
  3. Already on your bookshelf or TBR⁠
  4. Debut or new to you author or series⁠
  5. Longest title on your TBR⁠
  6. Animal(s) on the cover⁠
  7. Standalone

In order for each prompt to be completed, the books need to be applicable to a corresponding square around the board (doesn’t matter which one), and a single book can have multiple prompts associated to them.

What do I plan on reading?

I’ll be basing my challenges on the Moon version of the board. (If you don’t know, there is a Moon and a Sun version of the board which is new this year and gives you a second wind if you end up finishing  all the challenges half-way through the year!)

Cover has same color as the challenge square (if it’s a non-street or corner, pick black or white on the cover)⁠

For this one, I’m going to go with Road to Fire (Broken Crown Trilogy #1) by Maria Luis. This will accomplish the “Winter” square even though it’s supposed to be read during the winter season, but the black cover matches the black/white square requirement.

Recommended to you⁠

Splinters on You (Retired Sinners MC #1) by Anne Malcom was recommended to me by a PR company, and it accomplishes the “Killer Crescent” square. I’m not sure if the main character writes about a serial killer or if there really is one after her, but either way, I’ll be counting it for this prompt!

Already on your bookshelf or TBR⁠

Maximum Dare by Vanessa Fewings has been on my April TBR all month, so it was an easy go-to for this prompt. It will also be perfect for “The Bar” square which is a book where the author and I share the same last initial, “F.”

Debut or new to you author or series⁠

For this one, I’ll be reading Highland Conquest (Sons of Sinclair #1) by Heather McCollum which will fit the “Courtship Row” which requires the hero to be a soldier, and I’m pretty sure he’s a Highland warrior??

Longest title on your TBR⁠

Since I have WAY too many books on my TBR, I’m not too sure which book has been there the longest, so I’m going to stick with one that had been unread on my Kindle the longest: My Kind of Cowboy (Wranglers of Wyoming #1) by R.C. Ryan. This will fit for the “Spring” square requiring a book with yellow or green on the cover.

Animal(s) on the cover⁠

I have looked all over my Kindle, and I have zero books with animals on it, so I’m going to put a little bit of a spin on it. Instead, I’m going to pick one with either flowers/nature on the cover which is perfect for the Spring Romance Collection, including full-length stories from Devney Perry, Kennedy Fox, Nikki Sloane, Rochelle Paige, J.H. Croix, Skye Warren, Julia Kent, Elisa Reed, Kylie Gilmore, and Tessa Bailey. (It’s FREE on Kindle right now and includes 1691 pages!!) 

Depending on how my week goes, I might have to pick and choose from the collection. I’ll be pairing it with “Burger Joint.” It’s not on their book girlfriend list, but instead I’m including it as a potential one as a lot of the authors above create really strong, fierce heroines that I’m sure I’ll love!


And for the final prompt, I’ll be reading Hooked on You by Cathryn Fox which is a standalone and completes the “Library” square, a free space since I couldn’t fit it into any other category.

So that’s it! Those are the seven books I hope to complete next week during the read-a-thon. A lot of the titles I’m super excited about, especially the Spring Romance Collection, and I’ve been really in the mood for a dark, twisted romantic thriller, so Splinters on You is right up my alley!

Who can join the read-a-thon?

Everyone! No matter what your romantic reading preferences are, you can spend the week getting know more of your favorite authors or explore new genres within the romance world!

What’s your reading goal?? Let me know if you’ll be joining in and what books you plan on reading! I’m excited to see what y’all come up with!

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Until next time…

Happy Reading,


3 thoughts on “Romanceopolyathon 2020 Announcement & TBR!

  1. I’m also participating in the romanceopoly readathon. I’m excited to knock some books off my list haha Also, thanks for the heads up about the Spring Romance Collection! I’m going to go grab my copy now 🙂

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