Hooked on You by Cathryn Fox


Hooked on You by Cathryn Fox is an Adult Contemporary Romance between a bookworm and a fisherman!


52516404._SY475_“I’m a bookworm, a mathematician, not the kind of girl a hot lobster fisherman would notice.

Until he did.

I’m not in small town Nova Scotia to hook up. I’m here to settle my grandmother’s estate and sell the B&B, which I soon discover has been overrun with seasonal fisherman and operated on the honor system. The hard-core fishing folks become an instant family––the one I never had. Then there’s the blind pet cow, who has a crush on my hot fisherman, Nate. Okay, technically he’s not mine. I have no desire to get reeled in.

Until I do.

Soon, the little town grows on me, and the fisherman? It’s not long until I take the bait and we’re playing house at the B&B. Things are looking up.

Until they aren’t.

Rumors about a new plant and jobs being in jeopardy start swirling around town like a nor’easter, and all the signs point to my guy being behind the scandal. Should I give him enough line to play it out and learn his true intentions, or cut and run before I’m hooked?


I love romances featuring fellow booknerds! And this cute, lighter romance was such a crush-worthy read!

If you’re looking for a small town, cozy read, this one needs a cup of coffee and a warm blanket ’cause you are in for a story.

My favorite part of this one was definitely the characters. They felt well-fleshed out and had that realness to them that I appreciate from contemporaries.

Even though I gave this one a 3 out of 5 stars, I really think that if you are wanting a quirky, fun, charming relationship both in and around this couple, you will enjoy this book. There wasn’t anything that screamed NEXT FAVORITE, but was still a really nice vacation from my usual dark and twisted novels.

Definitely recommend!


Published: 27 April 2020

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 318

How I Read It: eARC from Publisher

*Disclaimer: I requested a free copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. All of my reviews contain my honest opinions only and are not influenced I any way.*

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