Binge Reads: November 2018


For most of you in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer heat has slipped away and been taken over my the whirling winter winds.

Which, if you’re someone like me, you’re 100% OK with! And honestly, it’s more encouraged than anything else.

Because this weather means that it’s finally time to bust out the fluffy scarves and warm blankets as we are able to cozy up with a stack of stories as the harsh snow tumbles down outside.

For this month, I have chosen a series that will whisk us away into a whole, new fantasy setting. Continue reading

Binge Reads: October 2018


For this month’s binge-worthy series, you may have heard of it all over the Bookish Community for years now, but I think we can all mostly agree that it is a classic YA series that has recently been revamped with more books!

I remember reading the first book as soon as it came out back in 2011 and absolutely loving it! Unfortunately, I only made it to Book 2 before moving on to the constant struggle of consuming more recent releases.

But this will soon change as I plan on diving back into the series this month and binge-read up to the most recent release which actually hit shelves this month!

Have you guess what series it could be? Hint: it’s quite peculiar and was even made into a REALLY GOOD movie adaptation.. (which BTW, they need to get back on that horse for a sequel, just saying) Continue reading

Binge Reads: September 2018


Don’t you wish you could just walk into another world?

Not necessarily a world where dinosaurs roam or where we live in a galaxy far, far away. Even though I’d have to admit that would be amazing!

More like a world such as our own, but maybe contains magic, or another dimension where we are completely opposite personalities.

Well, this month’s binge-worthy series does just that. A world where there’s not just one alter-ego dimensions, but FOUR! Continue reading

Binge Reads: August 2018


Retellings are some of my favorite genres to read in YA.

Authors get so creative in turning those innocent characters into dark, horrendous beasts and the villain finally becomes the heartbreaker of the story.

With this month, I picked a series that kind of takes on this idea. We all know the beloved girl wearing the blue and white dress and those iconic, red slippers.. well now, she’s the one you need to look out for… Continue reading

Binge Reads: July 2018


Ode to the days where zombies (rather slowly) walk the Earth!

Well maybe not just yet, but in this series, they begin to cause quite a bit of trouble. In this Alice in Wonderland adaptation, the adventures become horrific with a touch of tragedy.

For the month of July 2018, I have chosen to binge-read.. Continue reading

Binge Reads: June 2018


It’s time to dust off my bookshelves!

If you are a reader, you know the ultimate struggle with the constant releases of all of the amazing YA books every week. It seems like no matter what we do, the books keep piling, and piling, and piling into a never-ending TBR pile. Continue reading