Bout of Books 23: Sunday’s Update + Wrap Up


The Bout of Books 23 Read-a-thon has finally come to a close..

Even though this is sad news, I won’t let this stop my daily reading goals! Continue reading

Bout of Books 23: Saturday’s Update


Today is the final day of this awesome Read-a-thon!

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to get too much read before epically falling asleep with the book still in my hand.. Don’t you just love when that happens??

Yeah, me neither! Continue reading

Bout of Books 23: Tuesday’s Update


So much to read, so little time. Except for this week which is completely dedicated to spending all my free time with a book in my hand!

We are now into Day 3 of Bout of Books 23, and my reading kick is beginning to speed up. Continue reading

Bout of Books 23 in Less than One Week!


As I’m sure you can tell from all the blog posts, but I am a huge fan of read-a-thons! What other perfect excuse can you give for staying at home all day and just let you mind wander into whole new worlds?

And it’s that time of year again where you get an entire week dedicated to only reading. It’s like an extended vacay on a bookish island! Continue reading