Book Blitz: The Aviary (The Uncaged #1) by Emily Shore


The Aviary by Emily Shore is the first in a YA Dystopian series surrounding sex trafficking, romance, and a run to escape. Continue reading

The Provider (The Alaskan Chronicles #1) by John Hunt


The Provider by John Hunt is a YA Dystopian of survival after the largest solar flare wipes out the world’s electricity. Continue reading

Cover Reveal ECHO Academy (Dimension Drift #2) by Christina Bauer


ECHO Academy by Christina Bauer is a the second in a YA Dystopian / Fantasy series releasing in April 2020! Continue reading

Book Blitz: Qualify (The Atlantis Grail #1) by Vera Nazarian


Qualify by Vera Nazarian is a YA Dystopian and Science Fiction story set in a futuristic world where a asteroid is about to destroy Earth.. Continue reading