2018 Wrap Up and 2019 Bookish Goals


Happy New Year Bookworms!

We are officially over a week into the new year which means it’s time for a reflection of 2018 and goal setting for 2019. I have a ton of new and exciting things planned for the upcoming months that I am very excited to share with y’all today! Continue reading

Bout of Books 19 is now in LESS THAN 1 WEEK!


Hello everyone!

It has been such a lonnnng time since I have been able to write a blog post (4 months to be exact).. and I have been DYING!

*I miss my books!*

BUT I am happy to say that today is my last day of official classes before I have an entire week to study for the dreadful finals. Which means next Wednesday I will be free from school obligations!! YAY!

So that’s where Bout of Books is going to come into play. Since I do have three finals left before I am actually free (sad face), I will be starting this read-a-thon a little later than normal. I do not plan on reading much, if any, during Monday and Tuesday (AKA Days 1 and 2). Instead, I will be cramming all of my time full of books starting Wednesday morning after my finals and finish out the week strong. Continue reading

Bout of Books 18 is HERE!


Good morning (or whatever time of the day you are reading this)!

It is now 6 hours into the Bout of Books 18 read-a-thon, and I just wanted to let you all know that you can join in on the festivities all week long! Continue reading

Bout of Books 16 Wrap-Up!

Sadly, the read-a-thon is over *insert lots of sad faces,* but I have ALOT of reading planned over the next few months! With my first real lazy day tomorrow, I hope to get to sit in my comfy clothes with a nice warm cup of coffee and read in the recliner ALL day… Continue reading