Most Anticipated Standalones of 2019: Part 1


Looking for a new series to start this year??

Even if you’re not ready for a new, bookish commitment, you’ll find a ton of YA standalone novels mixed in this highly anticipated list!

Get ready to add these 18 books to your ever-growing TBR throughout the next few months: Continue reading

Most Anticipated Standalones of 2018: Part 2


Everyone knows that during the fall season, a TON of new YA releases hit bookshelves. And this year is no exception!

This list contains just nine of the many books to add to your TBR pile.

Do you want to know what’s even better with this specific list? You don’t have to worry about catching up before picking these books up as these are either standalone novels or the beginning of a new series!

So beginning now, mark these anticipated reads on your handy calendar cause you won’t want to miss them!! Continue reading