Bout of Books 23: Thursday’s Update


We’re over halfway through the Read-a-thon!!

We are now into Day 5 of Bout of Books 23, and today’s rainy weather brings the perfect aesthetic to a day of reading! Continue reading

Bout of Books 19 : Thursday’s Update


Hello bookish friends!

It is a little after 6pm on this Thursday (..AKA Day 5 of Bout of Books..) as I am writing this update for y’all. And let me tell ya.. this morning I finished one of the most gut-wrenching, plot twisted book that I have probably read in a LOOONG time! Continue reading

Bout of Books 17 : Double Feature Update!


Phew! It has been a CRAZY last few days. School is really starting to pick up speed, but I am excited to finally have a few hours downtime to read! 🙂 Continue reading